November 2, 2012

tribal drum tutorial + thanksgiving activities for kids

My little guy loves to create and explore. I'm constantly trying to find ways to keep my busy guy ... busy. Every Friday I'll be sharing projects or activities that we did during the week.

KID FRIENDLY FRIDAY: Tribal Drum Tutorial + Thanksgiving Activities for Kids

My goodness, November is already here! It's time to switch gears from ghosts and goblins to pilgrims and indians. Are you ready to get your Thanksgiving on? Why not start with some totally authentic super cute drums.

Here is what you will need:
• Empty can or container (my tall drum was a Great Value bread crumb container)
• Scissors
• Balloons
• yarn, feathers, stickers, etc.

This project is pretty strait forward—simply cut the end off of a balloon and stretch it over the opening of your can. Now go to town decorating your drum with stickers, feathers, ribbons beads, paint, etc.

Just in case you were wondering ...before starting this project I covered my taller drum in white paper to cover up the food label that was printed on the surface of the container.

And that's it! Hmmm ... how about a few more projects to keep your little ones on their toes. :)

top: Thanksgiving Boat Race — One Charming Party
bottom left: Thankful Turkey Centerpiece — Parents
bottom right: PVC Bow and Arrow — Skip to My Lou

top left: Paper Tube Lincoln Logs — Real Simple / Aimee Herring
top right: Wax Paper and Crayon Leaves — V an Co.
bottom left: Teepees and Houses — Parents
bottom right: Turkey Craft — Holidash

{Tribal Drum Tutorial Images: Little Paper Dog}

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